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dragonThe traditionally ascribed benefits of practising Hsing-I include increased longevity, promotion of the health of the internal organs, and the enhancement of moral character. In more practical terms, Hsing I produces inwardly strong, well rounded martial artists with a stalwart indomitable spirit and a good understanding of the internal aspects of martial arts. At the advanced level, Hsing I practitioners learn to change strategy spontaneously in combat through the use of the twelve animal "shapes" - appearing as if they are continually changing the martial art that they are defending themselves with.

The long pedigree of Hsing-I is something that also appeals to some practitioners - we are involved in the preservation of a living treasure of the past for the benefit of future generations. What the public sees of Hsing-I is just the tip of a very large iceberg - this art is both extensive and deep owing to the many generations of great masters who have polished and refined it. While it is not the easiest martial art to learn because of its subtlety, it provides a rich, life-long learning experience, and an intuitive link to nature.

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